developing brand voice & presence

Studies show people trust a recommendation from a friend more than they trust traditional advertising.  Your brand should have enough personality and credibility to engage audience, and sell product.

How can you create brand personality?  Be social, but relevant.  Be knowledgeable, but not didactic.  Be an authority, but not a sales pitch.

k.teraze digital works with your brand’s unique characteristics to craft industry presence: an authentic, trustworthy voice for your customers.

  • Defining your Mission Statement
  • Drafting a Style Guide
  • Envisioning your brand’s character
  • Building a team of ambassadors
  • Identifying your audience’s Recommendation Language
  • Choosing the right voice for your audience
  • Setting metrics for Voice Efficacy
  • Differentiating your brand from competing voices

What does this mean for your brand?  Ask us a question.