Strategies To Build Content Interaction On Social Networks: PR Newswire, A Success Story

PR Newswire knows its stuff. Postrank’s new study named the wire service best in class when it comes to engaging social sharing among readers. Not only that, but they’ve pretty much blown away their competition, proving that lay people are interested in press releases.

To what does PR Newswire credit their social success?  Four key principles they list in a recent blog post:

  1. Make it easy for your audience to share your content – and to credit you when they do.
  2. Employ humans, not automated feeds, to distribute content thoughtfully in social networks
  3. Set the bar high for content quality.
  4. And don’t forget search engines. More of your content will be shared the more easily it can be found.

These are straightforward, simple principles.  But much like most simple things in business, it’s easy write this stuff off as too obvious to discuss.  So I recommend you do the opposite: compare the principles above to the network-building strategies you currently employ to see how you stack up. You may find that things you’ve been taking for granted aren’t actually happening.

Read the full blog post for more explanation, and share your strategies for community and network engagement in the comments.

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